JACKBYTES was inspired by the discovery that seemingly the 'best' way to get sound data from other applications into a 'Processing' sketch was by using a non-open non-free library , that only works on Microsoft Windows platforms. Now that 'Processing' is open, this was a missing link for for artists wishing to use an open toolchain for creating reactive audio-visual applciations in 'processing'
Although some similar usage may be feasable with either java-jack or using OSC, a simple single-purpose server was developed to simply send a packet of sound data or sound spectrum data to the application, using a network port. The spectrum may be obtained by using FFTW (arbitrary size packet) or a hard-coded simple fft routine (2**n size data packet only)
A 'processing' client was written to allow nearly drop-in replacement (a network port needs to be specified) of the non-free library, and to allow direct use of the (open) sonia-helper library. A c++ client object was written to allow any C++ application to use the server. The specification is so simple that clients for other languages shoudl be very easy to write, the trade-off is that of course the program does not do very much!
A simple 'launcher' using fltk and system() call has been written, this should allow easy integration into a gui menu.

Minimal version:
Software: c++ , C compilers (gcc) and standard libraries
Jack audio connection kit
FFTW library (optional)
FLTK library for the launcher applet